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Chemical plants can be hazardous

Minnesota chemical plants can be dangerous places to work. The nature of the job involves interacting with chemicals that could be hazardous and cause injury or death. However, chemical manufacturers have a responsibility to uphold regulations and follow best practices in order to protect the safety of the workers in these plants.

Using ladders in a safe manner in workplaces

When Minnesota workers need to get to something high up, they will probably go find a stepladder. While opting for a ladder is safer than standing on a chair or a desk in an effort to get to something high off the ground, people should be aware that using a stepladder can be risky if it isn't in good condition or the right one for the job.

A reduction in mining deaths

A former assistant secretary of labor shared praise with the mining industry for substantial health and safety improvements achieved over the years. Miners in Minnesota and elsewhere have benefited from the efforts of regulators and mine operators to reduces hazards. In 2016, the coal mining industry had its lowest death rate ever with the loss of only 12 workers.

Minnesota reports large drop in paid workers' comp claims

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry report about the workers' compensation system showed a significant decrease of 53 percent in paid claims between 1997 and 2015. In 1997, 8.7 claims were paid for every 100 full-time employees. By 2015, the number of paid claims had fallen to 4.1 per 100 full-time workers.

Construction work safety and hazards

Minnesota workers who have been employed in the construction industry likely know that the work is far safer in 2017 than is was in the 1970s. However, even with the increase in safety, construction workers still face major risks every time they go to work. In fact, about 937 workers lost their lives in 2015, making it the deadliest year for construction workers since 2008.

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