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Temporary Total Disability Benefits In Minnesota

At The Law Office of Gretchen Hall, attorney Gretchen Hall has more than 20 years of experience helping injured workers in St. Paul and throughout Minnesota who have suffered temporary total disabilities due to on-the-job injuries or illnesses – and she knows how to get results.

The Definition Of A Temporary Total Disability

A temporary total disability is any work-related injury or illness that is severe enough to prevent the injured worker from returning to their job duties right away, even with work restrictions.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available In The Event Of A Temporary Total Disability

When you have been designated as having a temporary total disability due to a work-related injury or illness, Subdivision 1 of Minnesota Statues Section 176.101 states that you can receive:

  • 66⅔% of your average weekly wage, up to 102% of the statewide average weekly wage for the prior year (or a minimum of 20% of that average weekly maximum or your actual weekly wage, whichever is less) for 130 weeks
  • Full coverage for any medical or vocational rehabilitation costs, including but not limited to the cost of diagnostic tests, doctor’s visits, consultations with specialists, medications, surgery and physical therapy

Temporary total disability compensation ceases when you return to work, are released to return to work without limitations, and when you fail to cooperate with an approved vocational plan or remove yourself from the labor market. It also will cease 90 days after you have reached maximum medical improvement, even if that does not permit you to return to work. We can help you pursue temporary total disability compensation through a workers’ compensation claim.

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