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Are union members entitled to workers’ compensation in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Many workers in Minnesota face occupational risks that can lead to injuries and other health conditions. The Bureau for Labor Statistics found a rate of 3.3 non-fatal injuries for every 100 workers in Minnesota. This rate is higher than the national average.

Fortunately, the state also offers robust worker’s compensation benefits. This program covers a wide range of workers, including union members.

Eligibility of union members

To support employees with workplace injuries, the law states that most companies must provide workers’ compensation. This coverage extends to union members, ensuring they have the same right to benefits as employees not part of a union. Workers’ compensation can also cover job-related illnesses.

Under this program, employees can receive compensation for medical expenses. They can also replace lost wages. Minnesota even offers vocational rehabilitation for workers who struggle to complete their job duties due to health issues.

Working with union representatives

Union members who seek workers’ compensation benefits often work with union representatives during the claims process. These representatives are valuable allies because they assist workers in navigating the system. They can help report injuries, file claims and communicate with insurance providers. A knowledgeable partner like a union representative can be incredibly valuable for an injured union member.

Additionally, union representatives can collaborate with attorneys to ensure injured workers receive coverage promptly. Legal professionals also play a key role in ensuring workers get the full scope of benefits that the state offers.

In general, belonging to a union offers many advantages for workers. Furthermore, union membership does not hinder injured employees’ access to comprehensive worker’s compensation benefits in Minnesota.