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Miners at risk for serious injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

All jobs have the potential to become dangerous. Typically, the more physically demanding the work, the more likely it is that you may suffer an injury. 

Minnesota is a state with a high number of mining operations. With metal deposits like iron, copper and nickel, mining companies employ thousands of people who work in conditions that may lead to illness or injury. It is essential to understand some of the most common injuries miners may sustain so you or a loved one can steer clear of danger. Become familiar with these potentially hazardous events. 

Crush injuries  

Miners use and work around heavy machinery such as powered haulage. If the people operating these machines do not go through adequate training, it may affect those working around them. If miners working near these machines do not pay attention, they may wind up caught in a conveyer belt or crushed. 

Crush injuries occur in a few ways in and around mining operations. The most common include improperly operated machines and mine collapse. Either event may cause catastrophic or deadly injuries. 

Burn injuries  

Those unfamiliar with mining may not know that there is a high risk for explosive gases to ignite. Volatile gases tend to linger in mining shafts, and if not adequately dispelled, they become a looming threat. If someone or something causes a spark, the gases may ignite and cause a fire to break out. Miners can receive serious burns from such incidents. 

Respiratory illnesses 

Even when protective gear is available, miners do not always feel comfortable donning it. Such equipment is usually cumbersome and traps body heat. As well, some workers go down into mines with proper breathing protection but still may end up sick. Respiratory illnesses among miners are higher than other professions, likely due to the combination of ore, dust and dirt that exists in and around mining operations. 

Miners are critical workers and contributors to the state’s economy. Protecting them from falling ill or getting hurt is a priority for all.