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Top 3 hazards when working as a nurse

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Nurse And Healthcare Worker Injuries |

Nursing is a noble profession. However, your employer often overworks you, and still expects you to perform to high standards. People do not always respect you, but they are happy when you save their lives. It requires a commitment to the work and a love of the job to keep going. This is especially true when you think about all the hazards that come when working as a nurse in Minnesota.

There are many things that could cause you to become injured while on the job. Some are very serious while others are rather minor. The exposure you have to bodily fluids, combative patients and dangerous equipment all mean that working as a nurse is fraught with danger. Here is a look at three of the top hazards you need to watch out for.

  1. Exposure

The Sentinel Watch explains that one of the top ways to suffer an injury when working as a nurse is due to exposure. There are many different types of exposure. You could face exposure to something you are allergic to, such as latex. You may have radiation or chemical exposure. In any case, the resulting effects can be serious.

  1. Assault

While many of the people you work with every day will be grateful for your care, there is always the risk of a patient who is combative. You may face physical abuse as well as verbal abuse in the normal course of your day.

  1. Infectious diseases

Part of your normal routine is working with sick people. Some of them may have highly contagious diseases, but you still have to provide them with care. This increases your chances of contracting the disease.

Working as a nurse is certainly not easy. You are a valued member of society, though. By being aware of the top risks you face, you can better protect yourself and be more vigilant to avoid serious injury while at work.