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Ladder safety tips: Don’t forget to follow these

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Construction Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

Your profession may require you to use a ladder for a variety of reasons, such as to reach the roof of a commercial building or paint the interior of a home.

Even if you have many years’ experience using a ladder, there are some safety tips you must follow at all times. Here are five that can help you prevent an accident:

  • Inspect the ladder before use: You’re looking for any defects or damage, such as a broken rung, that puts your safety at risk.
  • Choose the right size ladder: Using the wrong size, such as a ladder that’s too short to reach the top of a structure, may cause you to reach or stand on the top rung, both of which increase the risk of an accident.
  • Set the ladder on firm and level ground: It may take some time to find the perfect spot, but it’s better than placing the ladder on soft or uneven ground, as this can lead to it tipping.
  • Maintain three points of contact: Two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot should be in contact with the ladder at all times.
  • Don’t place the ladder near doors or traffic: If a pedestrian or vehicle strikes your ladder while you’re on it, it’s difficult to maintain your balance.

It’s important to follow these ladder safety tips at all times, as neglecting to do so can result in a serious accident that causes injury or death.

If you’re injured in a ladder accident, regardless of the reason, report the incident to your employer, receive treatment and then file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.