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Do you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.?

Every job carries a certain amount of inherent risk. Even jobs that seem mundane and fairly risk free can have dangers that result in employee injuries and possibly death. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that workers suffered from more than 4,000 occupational injuries in 2014 and that the majority of these occurred in industries that have a reputation for danger.

3 ways you can sabotage a workers’ comp claim

If you are a machinist in St. Paul, you more than likely know how dangerous your job is. You may haven seen a colleague or two suffer a serious injury while on the job. In reality, it only takes a second for something to go wrong on the machine shop floor and cause someone to lose a finger or a limb, or end up with some other catastrophic injury.

What if I was attacked while working as a cashier at night?

Most cashiers and sales clerks do not consider themselves to be employed in dangerous jobs. Rather, the term "dangerous job" usually brings up thoughts of roofers, construction workers, firefighters, police officers and so forth. However, there's one terrifying danger that every cashier faces: the threat of getting robbed at work.

Falls remain the most common disabling accident in offices

Many people associate serious work injuries with workers employed in construction, manufacturing or other demanding physical jobs. It's easy to forget that disabling injuries can occur in an office environment as well. Pain doesn't distinguish between a roofer and a receptionist.

Workers’ compensation in Minnesota - the basics

As a construction worker in St. Paul, you know that every day that you set foot on a job site, you risk an injury. You could fall into an uncovered hole or off of incorrectly assembled scaffolding. You might suffer electrocution or you could be hit in the head by a falling object. If you suffer a workplace injury, do you know what to do in terms of filing a workers' compensation claim?

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