More Than 20 Years Of Experience Standing Up For Minnesota Workers

When an emergency occurs, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are often the first to respond. Before it is time for doctors, nurses and other medical staff to do their part, the burden is on the EMTs’ shoulders.

As EMTs are saving lives, occurrences can happen on the road. Aggressive driving, collisions and other distractions can endanger everyone in the ambulance. It is important for EMTs to take precautions to make their jobs easier and safer to execute.

Safety upgrades

Some emergency medical services are using technology to keep traffic accidents in check. Hall Ambulance has recently installed onboard cameras on their vehicles, as well as devices that can surveil braking, speed and other factors. Since an EMT’s tasks can be jarring and need a great deal of focus, safety upgrades help EMT drivers stay in tune with traffic protocols during transportation. Video footage can also provide a record for what transpired in the event that an accident does occur, which may help injured EMTs attain workers’ compensation.

Care and attention

It is important for EMT drivers to remain vigilant of traffic. This is not always easy given the nature of the job, but it helps ensure safety on the road. An EMT driver can follow every driving law perfectly and still get derailed by another motor vehicle. Even affairs that do not involve a collision can hamper a driver’s focus and lead to an accident.

Sometimes traffic is just as unpredictable and hazardous as an emergency site, but it does not have to be as risky as it is. With proper training and diligence, EMTs can get their patients to a hospital without harm.