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4 most dangerous pieces of factory equipment

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Industrial Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

As an employee, your employer must take reasonable measures and follow OHSA and other local and federal guidelines to provide a safe work environment for workers. As a worker, you should learn and follow all safety standards, wear PPE and inspect work equipment regularly. Though many businesses comply, the number of workers who sustain injuries or die from accidents involving factory equipment remains high.

Most factory and industrial workplace accidents involve a variety of factors, including poor worker judgment, employee error and horseplay. They also involve the following hazardous types of factory equipment.


Despite their simplistic appearance, forklifts can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced drivers. Common issues that result in forklift accidents include lack of experience, horseplay, operator error, equipment malfunction and improper load balance.

Nail guns

Contrary to popular belief, nail guns present dangers to workers in factory and industrial settings. Defective equipment, improper use and inexperience are common causes of accidents that result in penetration, laceration and serious nail gun injuries.


Chemicals are a common component in many factory and industrial workplaces. Workers and employers must actively work together to minimize exposure to chemical hazards. Splashes, spills, and cross-contamination factors regularly contribute to accidents involving chemicals in industrial, manufacturing and factory settings.

Ladders and scaffolds

Many factory sites require workers to work on multiple surfaces/levels at varying heights. To access different levels safely, workers use ladders, scaffolds and other safety equipment. To prevent workplace accidents like falls, workers should wear harnesses and PPE and stay abreast of the latest ladder and scaffold safety guidelines.

Like other types of workplace accidents, those that occur in factory settings often involve multiple safety violations, including faulty equipment, worker error, etc. No work environment is without challenges and safety issues. Employers must invest in worker safety and take measures to prevent accidents, injuries and death. Employees should invest in personal safety and learn about the hazards they may face at work.