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5 mistakes that can derail your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

To date, you may never have suffered anything more serious than a scratch because of your occupation — but accidents happen.

If you sustain a work-related injury, you have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. Here are five mistakes to avoid when filing your claim.

1. Not going for medical help

Your first responsibility is to yourself and your well-being. Do not delay in seeking a medical evaluation. You may not think there is a reason to go to the doctor, but you could have underlying injuries. In addition, a medical report will be essential when you file for workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Not notifying your employer

Do not forget to notify your employer about the incident that resulted in your injury. Even if you do so verbally, follow up in writing so that there is an official record.

3. Not filing because of your part in the incident

Do not hesitate to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits because you feel you were responsible for the workplace accident. If you have a job-related injury, you qualify for workers’ compensation regardless of the circumstances.

4. Not filing for fear of retaliation

You might also hesitate to file a claim for fear your employer will retaliate in some way. Employers required to carry workers’ compensation insurance must cover their employees or face fines, lawsuits or criminal penalties.

5. Not seeking professional assistance

Sometimes an insurer will deny an initial claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Remember that legal guidance is available to help you complete and submit your claim and increase your chances of receiving the maximum benefits you deserve.