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Examining mental health issues in the workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Mental Health Conditions Tied To The Workplace |

Mental health has and continues to be a stigma in the United States. Many people don’t like to admit when they are struggling with mental health issues and some view those who have mental health issues differently. In an effort to break this stigma more and more companies in Minnesota are talking to their employees about mental health, how to get help and how to reduce issues in the workplace that can lead to mental health problems.

Because of the stigma surrounding mental health problems, many employees fail to seek treatment for their issues for fear of losing their jobs. This is a big reason why many employees fail to speak up to their supervisor or others at their place of employment. They don’t want their issues to hurt their careers.

When a mental issue goes untreated, it can lead to issues with productivity in the workplace. The employee will likely struggle to complete projects in a timely manner and even have trouble interacting with their co-workers.

The symptoms of mental issues that are on display at work are likely much different than the symptoms of the same mental issues when the person is placed in another situation. These issues can lead to absenteeism alongside issues with productivity.

Treatment for mental health issues can help an employee improve their attendance record and productivity levels, but it is not something that will improve overnight.

As you examine the issues in the workplace that can lead to mental health problems, make sure you have someone to talk to about your problems. Talking goes a long way to helping you heal mentally and emotionally.