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Hazards created by strong winds on a construction worksite

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Construction Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

As a construction worker, you know there will be days when you spend one hour after the next outdoors.

While it can be enjoyable to work outdoors, there are times when it’s downright miserable. This is often related to the weather conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain.

Here are some of the many safety hazards created by strong winds:

  • Flying debris, which has the potential to strike workers
  • Strains and sprains as the result of wind pushing and pulling you in many directions
  • Slip-and-fall injuries as a result of being hit by a wind gust
  • Dropped loads when attempting to transport in strong winds
  • Objects falling from above, such as shingles off a roof
  • Commercial vehicle tip-over

When the wind begins to pick up, you need to pay close attention to what’s happening around you. The way you work in windy conditions will not be the same as when it’s calm.

For example, since flying debris has the potential to cause serious injury, the construction site should be kept clean at all times. Just the same, if you’re driving a high profile vehicle, you need to slow down and keep both hands on the wheel.

If you’re part of a construction site accident, maybe due to strong winds, you should stay where you are and wait for medical help to arrive.

Once you receive treatment, you’ll have a better idea of your injuries and best path to making a full recovery. In the event that you’re unable to immediately return to work, consider filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.