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Roofing safety tips to help prevent an accident

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Construction Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Safety |

Working as a roofer can be an enjoyable job, but you should never overlook the potential safety risks of this career. It only takes one misstep or mistake to result in an accident that causes serious injury or even death. This is why every roofing professional, regardless of experience, should follow a variety of safety tips:

  • Always use a safety harness. Even if you think you don’t need this, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get into the habit of setting up a safety harness the second you arrive at the job site.
  • Ladder safety is a must. As a roofer, you’ll use a ladder day in and day out. There are many safety tips to follow, such as: Always place your ladder on firm and level ground, keep three points of contact, and inform others when you’re going up or down.
  • Never work in inclement weather. As a roofer, you’re used to working in both hot and cool conditions. While it may be impossible to avoid this, you don’t want to get on a roof if the rain is falling or strong winds are in the area. It’s best to wait for the weather system to pass.
  • Choose the right shoes. Good traction is an absolute must when working on a roof, so make sure you choose shoes with plenty of tread.
  • Watch out for debris. As the day goes on, there’s a greater chance of debris piling up on the roof. From tools to old shingles, do your best to keep your work surface clean and clear.

These roofing safety tips don’t guarantee you will never be part of an accident, but they can definitely help.

If something goes wrong and you are part of a roofing accident, focus on getting prompt, appropriate treatment. Once you understand your injuries and the impact on your future, you can look back at the accident. You may also be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits to try to get financial help as you recover.