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4 tips for working safely in the rain

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

If you live and work in the state of Minnesota, you know that the spring and summer months are among the most enjoyable of the entire year. You also know that wet weather can move into your area at any time, including when you’re outside working.

Here are four safety tips to follow when working in the rain:

  • Slow down: You can’t move quite as fast in the rain, as slick conditions increase the risk of an accident. So, even though you want to get out of the rain, you should slow down and take your time.
  • Wear rain gear: It may not be the most comfortable clothes you can wear, but keeping the water off your body is imperative.
  • Wear hand protection: For example, slip-proof gloves can go a long way in maintaining a high level of safety when working in the rain.
  • Make it easy for others to see you: High visibility clothing is a must, as you want others to know where you are at all times. If you neglect to do this, another worker or passerby may not see you, which increases the chances of an accident.

When you follow these four safety tips, you’ll find it much easier to work safely in wet conditions.

If you’re injured for any reason on the job, such as a slip and fall as the result of driving rain, call for medical help and report the incident to your employer. Your health is top priority, but you also need to consider the fact that you may need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in the near future.

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