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Falls remain the most common disabling accident in offices

Many people associate serious work injuries with workers employed in construction, manufacturing or other demanding physical jobs. It's easy to forget that disabling injuries can occur in an office environment as well. Pain doesn't distinguish between a roofer and a receptionist.

Mental health factors increase work injury rates among women

Female workers in Minnesota should learn about a recent study regarding mental health because the results have a nationwide relevance. Researchers from the Center for Health, Work & Environment, part of the Colorado School of Public Health, teamed up with the state's largest workers compensation insurer to analyze the claims of 314 businesses. Over 17,000 employees holding everything from labor jobs to executive jobs were represented.

What employees think about worker safety

Employers and employees in Minnesota and throughout the country don't necessarily agree on what workplace safety means. Companies that have younger workers may need to try even harder to communicate workplace safety plans and goals. Of those under the age of 45 who took part in a Rave Mobile Safety survey, 53 percent were either not aware that their employer had a safety plan or said that there was no plan.

Panel publishes guidelines on EMS worker fatigue

Minnesota paramedics have a very stressful and tiring job. In order to address this issue, the National Association of State EMS Officials and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have established a set of guidelines to help emergency medical services workers cope with on-the-job fatigue.

The very real dangers of hospital work

When people think about the most dangerous professions, they likely think of ice road truckers, deep sea fisherman or perhaps construction workers. All of these careers carry higher-than-average risks for the people who pursue them. However, one very dangerous field of work that people rarely recognize as such is hospital work. Every day, health care workers in Ramsey County risk exposure to disease and to serious injuries caused by their work.

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