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There are many common causes of construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Construction Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

Anyone who works in the construction industry is well aware of the many risks that exist. Even so, most people who work in this field enjoy the fast pace and sense of accomplishment.

It’s important to understand the most common causes of construction accidents, as this can go a long way in helping you avoid trouble. Here are some of the many situations that can lead to an injury or fatality:

  • Falls. This can include a fall from height or a slip and fall on the ground. Either way, this has the chance to cause a serious injury, such as a broken bone or concussion.
  • Falling objects. An object that falls from above is one that can cause serious injury to anyone standing below. This holds true even if the item is not overly heavy or big.
  • Equipment accidents. This can include everything from power tools to ladders to motor vehicles.
  • Fires and explosions. With hazardous conditions often coming into play, a fire or explosion on a construction site is not out of the question.
  • Repetitive motion injury. This is an injury that sets in over time, as opposed to happening in an instant. An example of this would be a shoulder injury caused by repetitive lifting of heavy objects.

With so many common causes of construction accidents, it’s a must that construction workers do whatever they can to prevent trouble on the job.

If you suffer any type of injury, remain where you are until medical assistance arrives. Also, report the accident and injury to your employer as soon as possible.

When you do these things, you’ll find it easier to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you are unable to immediately return to work.