Workers' Compensation Is A Complex System

If you were injured in a workplace accident or developed a disease from your working conditions, you need to understand your rights and benefits under the workers' compensation system. In many cases, your wage loss benefits are necessary to cover daily living expenses and to get back on your feet after a serious injury. Attorney Gretchen Hall can help.

At The Law Office of Gretchen Hall in St. Paul, we provide compassionate guidance and zealous representation to help injured workers gain full compensation. If you have been injured at work, denied benefits or are unable to collect the compensation that you deserve, we can help.

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20 Years Of Experience Defending Workers' Rights

Our workers' compensation lawyer has 20 years of experience pursuing workers' compensation claims. When you work with us, you partner with an attorney who truly cares about your health and career.

We are here to ensure that you and your claim receive the full attention you deserve. If you were denied benefits or have been receiving benefits but now the insurance carrier wants to discontinue paying, we will fully review your unique circumstances and explain your options.

What Benefits Does Workers' Comp Cover?

Awarded workers' compensation benefits vary depending upon the exact conditions of your case. However, possible benefits may include:

  • Recovering wage loss
  • Medical care
  • Potential vocational training
  • Temporary disability coverage
  • Permanent disability compensation
  • Funeral compensation for surviving family members

Strong Advocacy Through Difficult Workers' Comp Claims

Attorney Gretchen Hall has over 20 years of experience fighting for employees' rights to workers' compensation benefits. She can skillfully argue your case if you have been wrongly denied benefits or are unable to collect benefits after a work injury. She can also help you avoid the tricks and tactics the insurance company will use in order to minimize your injury or stop paying benefits too soon. Call our St. Paul office at 651-964-6106, or email our firm online.